Why choose us

SPEAK ITALIAN: everyday and everywhere  – an opportunity that you will not have in big cities, which are crowded with foreigners. You will learn Italian while discovering the roots of Italian culture, bringing the language outside the classroom

TRAVEL: discover an unexplored region with its amazing natural, artistic and cultural beauties, by the sea and near the mountains, just a few hours away from Italy’s most beautiful cities (Rome, Florence, Bologna, Naples). You will live a different holiday, immersed in the atmosphere of these places, still tied to the rhythms of nature

ECO-TOURISM: delve deeper into environmental sustainability and sustainable development through activities in close contact with nature, which enhance environmental consciousness;

FUN: have fun with our staff and GreenItalian’s friends, meet new people and experience Italian culture. You will leave with the desire to return!


Come and experience Italian in Le Marche!